Monday, November 11, 2013

Playing Dress Up

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Dress: From Bangkok

I asked my mom if my sister, Ysabelle and I could go to my cousin's house to see them and our dog, Chloè. I miss them so much that I badly want to see them immediately! My mom said yes and I can't help but jump for joy! We visited my cousins in their house to bond for a few hours. We had so much fun playing with Chloè! We talked and laughed about a lot stuff.
Chloé 's dress Arf Arf Love

 heels Primadonna

We decided to watch Ravenswood episode 2 and 3 but my cousins decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. My sister and I were like big Barbie dolls being dressed up by our older cousins. They made us wear dresses and heels! I seldom wear dresses because I was too shy but I did it for Chloè and I can't believe we had so much fun.

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